Tracking Progress

The following figures and tables track progress on the proposed actions and targets set by IMF Staff Discussion Note – A Proposal to End the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. Where Does the World Stand in Terms of Pre-Purchases of Vaccines? Almost There, but Targeted Actions Needed

Secured Vaccines and/or Expected Vaccine Supply (% of Total Population)

2. Under the Business-as-Usual Scenario About 75 Countries are Unlikely to Meet the 40% Target by End-2021


3. Only 14% of COVAX-Contracted and 8% of AVAT-Contracted Doses have been Delivered by Manufacturers So Far

COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Tracker: Deliveries to COVAX & AVAT (MN DOSES)

4. Where Does the World Stand on Donations to COVAX?

Insufficient Progress on Delivering Pledged Doses to COVAX (MN DOSES)

5. How Many Vaccine Dose Swaps have Happened to Prioritize Supplies to LMICs?

COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Swap Tracker (MN DOSES)

Delivery Swap Table

Notes and Sources: IMF staff calculations; various public sources. As of Nov 1, 2021. The tracker covers G7 countries plus other countries that have conducted a dose swap.

6. Where Does the World Stand in Terms of Closing the Financing Gaps?

Funding Needs by Pillar and Major Outcome Category (in USD billion)

Status of 7 Key Broad Actions Identified in the IMF Pandemic Proposal (as of End-Oct. 2021)

Status of 7 Key Actions