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Title: The Impact of Higher Oil Prices on the Global Economy

Author: International Monetary Fund

Series: Books

Date: December 8, 2000

Subject: Oil prices

Title: The IMF and the Silent Revolution : Global Finance and Development in the 1980s

Author: Boughton, M. James

Series: Books

Date: September 11, 2000

Notes: This pamphlet is based on the IMF history volume published in 2001 entitled "Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund 1979-1989.

Subject: Development External financing Fund

Title: Inflation Targeting in Practice : Strategic and Operational Issues and Application to Emerging Market Economies

Author: Bléjer, I. Mario ; Ize, Alain ; Leone, Mario Alfredo ; Werlang, Ribeiro da Costa Sérgio

Series: Books

Date: August 21, 2000

Notes: The Central Bank of Brazil and the Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund held a seminar on inflation targeting in Rio de Janeiro on May 3-5, 1999. Its purpose was to analyze the experience to date of the countries that have been operating under an inflation targeting framework, and to identify and review the steps that Brazil should consider in adopting such a framework, to enhance the chances of its success. This volume gathers together the summaries of the presentations given at the seminar.

Subject: Inflation targeting

Title: A Better World for All : Progress Toward the International Development Goals

Author: International Monetary Fund

Series: Books

Date: June 26, 2000

Notes: This report was prepared by the staff of four institutions.

Subject: International Development Strategy

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