International Monetary Fund

Cote d'Ivoire: Transactions with the Fund, Disbursements and Repayments Detail
from January 01, 1987 To December 31, 1987

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(in SDRs)
Date General Resources Account Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust/
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
Structural Adjustment Facility/Trust Fund
Purchases Loans Purchases and Loans
Disbursements Repurchases Disbursements Repayments Description
January 06, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
January 06, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
January 13, 198703,117,18800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
January 16, 198701,603,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
January 16, 198702,404,68800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
January 27, 19870002,155,267PRGT Repayment (TF)
January 30, 1987000249,600PRGT Repayment (TF)
February 27, 198704,809,37500GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
March 09, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
March 09, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
March 20, 19870122,01300GRA Repurchase (BSF)
March 20, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
March 20, 198707,570,31300GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
April 07, 198701,603,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
April 07, 198702,404,68800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
April 29, 19870002,657,200PRGT Repayment (TF)
June 16, 198701,603,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
June 16, 198707,214,06300GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
June 19, 19870122,01300GRA Repurchase (BSF)
June 30, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
June 30, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
July 06, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
July 06, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
July 13, 198701,128,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
July 13, 198703,117,18800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
July 17, 198701,603,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
July 17, 198702,404,68800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
July 27, 19870002,155,267PRGT Repayment (TF)
July 30, 1987000249,600PRGT Repayment (TF)
August 31, 198704,809,37500GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
September 09, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
September 09, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
September 18, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
September 18, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
September 21, 19870122,01300GRA Repurchase (BSF)
September 21, 198704,809,37500GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
October 07, 198701,603,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
October 07, 198702,404,68800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
October 29, 19870002,657,200PRGT Repayment (TF)
November 13, 198705,172,50000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
December 14, 198704,809,37500GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
December 15, 198701,603,12500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
December 15, 198702,404,68800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
December 21, 19870122,01300GRA Repurchase (BSF)
December 30, 198701,840,62500GRA Repurchase (EFF)
December 30, 198702,760,93800GRA Repurchase (EFF-SFF)
Total 0 102,738,685 0 10,124,134

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Cote d'Ivoire: Financial Position in the Fund