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Nepal: Financial Position in the Fund
as of April 30, 2024

Summary of IMF members' quota, reserve tranche position, SDR holdings, outstanding credit, recent lending arrangements, projected payments due to the IMF, and historical transactions with the IMF.

I. Membership Status: Joined: September 06, 1961;Article VIII

II. General Resources Account:SDR Million%Quota
       IMF's Holdings of Currency (Holdings Rate)140.9289.81
       Reserve Tranche Position15.9810.19

III. SDR Department:SDR Million%Allocation
       Net cumulative allocation218.48100.00

IV. Outstanding Purchases and Loans:SDR Million%Quota
      RCF Loans167.60106.82
      ECF Arrangements156.90100.00

V. Latest Financial Commitments:


Date ofExpirationAmount ApprovedAmount Drawn
TypeArrangementDate(SDR Million)(SDR Million)
      ECF  Jan 12, 2022  Jan 11, 2026282.42    156.90
      ECF 1/  Nov 19, 2003  Nov 18, 200749.90    49.90
      ECF 1/  Oct 05, 1992  Oct 04, 199533.57    16.79

 1/ Formerly PRGF.

     Outright Loans:

Date ofDateAmount ApprovedAmount Drawn
TypeCommitmentDrawn/Expired(SDR Million)(SDR Million)
      RCF  May 06, 2020  May 08, 2020156.90    156.90
      RCF  Jul 31, 2015  Aug 10, 201535.65    35.65
      RCF  May 28, 2010  Jun 06, 201028.52    28.52

 1/ Undrawn outright disbursements (RFI and RCF) expire automatically 60 days following the date of commitment, i.e. Board approval date.

VI. Overdue Obligations and Projected Payments to Fund  2/
   (SDR Million; based on existing use of resources and present holdings of SDRs):
         2024  2025  2026  2027  2028 

2/ When a member has overdue financial obligations outstanding for more than three months, the amount of such arrears will be shown in this section.

VII. Implementation of HIPC Initiative: Not Applicable

VIII. Implementation of Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI):  Not Applicable

IX. Implementation of Catastrophe Containment and Relief (CCR):

Date ofBoard DecisionAmount CommittedAmount Disbursed
CatastropheDate(SDR million)(SDR million)
  N/A  Apr 13, 20202.85    2.85
  N/A  Oct 02, 20203.57    3.57
  N/A  Apr 01, 20213.57    3.57
  N/A  Dec 15, 20213.57    3.57

As of February 4, 2015, the Post-Catastrophe Debt Relief Trust has been transformed to the Catastrophe Containment and Relief (CCR) Trust.

Prepared by Finance Department

The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.