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SDR Interest Rate Calculation

The interest rate on the SDR is based on the sum of the multiplicative products in SDR terms of the currency amounts in the SDR valuation basket, the level of the interest rate on the financial instrument of each component currency in the basket, and the exchange rate of each currency against the SDR. The SDR interest rate for the current week is posted on Sunday morning, Washington D.C. time, on the IMF's website.

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Press Release: IMF Executive Board Concludes Quinquennial SDR Valuation Review and Determines New Currency Weights for SDR Valuation Basket

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SDR interest rate as of:           
For the week of July 15, 2024 to July 21, 2024
Currency Unit Currency amount
under Rule O-1
Exchange rate
against the SDR 1

Interest rate 2

  (A) x (B) x (C)
Chinese yuan 1.0993 0.103894 1.456700 0.1664
Euro 0.37379 0.82142 3.590060 1.1023
Japanese yen 13.452 0.00476794 0.010000 0.0006
U.K. pound 0.080870 0.97767 5.193765 0.4106
U.S. dollar 0.57813 0.754288 5.350000 2.3330
Total 4.0129
Floor for SDR Interest Rate 0.050
SDR Interest Rate 3 4.013
1 SDR per currency rates are based on the representative exchange rate for each currency. Chinese renminbi refers to the name of the currency, while Chinese yuan refers to the currency unit.
2 Interest rate on the financial instrument of each component currency in the SDR basket, expressed as an equivalent annual bond yield: three-month benchmark yield for China Treasury bonds as published by China Central Depository and Clearing Co; three-month spot rate for euro area central government bonds with a rating of AA and above published by the European Central Bank; three-month Japanese Treasury Discount bills; three-month UK Treasury bills; and three-month US Treasury bills.
3 Rule T-1 has been amended (see Press Release) and specifies that the SDR interest rate for each weekly period commencing each Monday shall be the higher of (i) the combined market interest rate or (ii) 0.050 percent. The combined market interest rate is the sum, as of the Friday preceding each weekly period, rounded to three decimal places, of the products that result from multiplying each yield or rate listed above by the value in terms of SDRs of the amount of the corresponding currency specified in Rule O-1. If a yield or rate is not available for a particular Friday, the calculation shall be made on the basis of the latest available yield or rate.
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