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Guillaume Chabert

Guillaume Chabert, born in 1970, is a graduate from the leading French engineering school Ecole Centrale de Paris, the Paris Institute of Political Studies, and the French Senior Civil Service School (ENA). He embarked in 2000 on his career at the Directorate General for Local Government at the French Ministry of the Interior, before joining in 2004 the Directorate General of the Treasury at the French Ministry of Finance (“French Treasury”). In 2010, Guillaume Chabert was appointed G20 Project Manager heading up the team coordinating the 2011 French Presidency of the G20 (and G7/G8) at the French Treasury. Following two years in Stockholm, where he managed the Regional Department of Economic Affairs for the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland), he was assigned in September 2013 Adviser to the French Prime Minister, in charge of the Economy, Finance and Business, and then appointed in May 2014 Deputy Chief of Staff of the French Minister of Finance. He became in April 2015 Assistant Secretary for Multilateral Affairs, Trade and Development Policies at the French Treasury, and co-chair of the Paris Club and G20/G7 Financial Sous-Sherpa for France. In January 2021, Guillaume Chabert took up his present position as deputy director in the Strategy, Policy and Review Department of the International Monetary Fund.

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