What the IMF Does

The work of the IMF is of three main types. Surveillance involves the monitoring of economic and financial developments, and the provision of policy advice, aimed especially at crisis-prevention. The IMF also lends to countries with balance of payments difficulties, to provide temporary financing and to support policies aimed at correcting the underlying problems; loans to low-income countries are also aimed especially at poverty reduction. Third, the IMF provides countries with technical assistance and training in its areas of expertise. Supporting all three of these activities is IMF work in economic research and statistics.

In recent years, as part of its efforts to strengthen the international financial system, and to enhance its effectiveness at preventing and resolving crises, the IMF has applied both its surveillance and technical assistance work to the development of standards and codes of good practice in its areas of responsibility, and to the strengthening of financial sectors.

The IMF also plays an important role in the fight against money-laundering and terrorism

Strengthening the
International Financial System

Transparency at the IMF -- A Factsheet
Standards and Codes
Standards and Codes - Internationally recognized standards and codes in 12 areas

Data Standards Established to guide countries in the provision of their economic and financial data to the public

Fiscal Transparency Facilitates surveillance of economic policies by country authorities, financial markets, and international institutions. How Does the IMF Encourage Greater Fiscal Transparency? -- A Factsheet

Transparency in Monetary & Financial Policies Principles related to transparency for monetary and financial policies that central banks and financial agencies should seek to achieve

Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs) Summarize the extent to which countries observe certain internationally recognized standards and codes
Financial Sector
Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP)

Assessments of Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs)

Anti-Money Laundering
Crisis Resolution
How the IMF Helps to Resolve Economic Crises
A Factsheet

Trade Finance in Financial Crises: Assessment of Key Issues