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Iran, Islamic Republic of: Financial Position in the Fund

Member Financial Data

Iran, Islamic Republic of: Projected Payments to the IMF
as of December 31, 2021

Projected charges and due dates are tentative. GRA charges are due two business days following notification to members shortly after quarter end. Net SDR charges and annual SDR assessments are due on the first day after the end of the quarter and April 30, respectively.

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(in SDRs)
Description Schedule Date Total
Amount Due
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202281,349
Total for the year 202281,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202381,349
Total for the year 202381,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202481,349
Total for the year 202481,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202581,349
Total for the year 202581,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202681,349
Total for the year 202681,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202781,349
Total for the year 202781,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202881,349
Total for the year 202881,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 202981,349
Total for the year 202981,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203081,349
Total for the year 203081,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203181,349
Total for the year 203181,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203281,349
Total for the year 203281,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203381,349
Total for the year 203381,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203481,349
Total for the year 203481,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203581,349
Total for the year 203581,349
SDR Assessments  April 30, 203681,349
Total for the year 203681,349
Total 1220235

Short Description Description
SDR AssessmentsSDR Department - Member Assessment

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