International Monetary Fund
Belarus, Republic of: IMF's Holdings of Currency
as of December 31, 1996

The currency holdings of the IMF are the resources held at the disposal of the IMF in the IMF No. 1 Account, No. 2 Account, and Securities Account in depositories designated by its member countries. These currency holdings are obtained as a result of member's quota payments and transactions between the IMF and members.

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Date Securities Nbr 1 Account Nbr 2 Account CVA Account CVA Nbr 2 Account Total Holdings
December 31, 1996477,150,173524,33120,302-7,094,504-302470,600,000
December 31, 1995470,063,456516,54420,00000470,600,000
December 31, 1994243,613,814163,47217,470106,702,7132,530350,499,999
December 31, 1993247,369,073282,1665,643102,828,76014,357350,499,999
December 31, 1992157,981,210849,45316,98928,149,3373,011187,000,000

The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.
Belarus, Republic of: Financial Position in the Fund