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IMF Staff Papers Logo    June 1999
Volume 46, Number 2
Table of Contents

Are Currency Crises Predictable? A Test
Andrew Berg and Catherine Pattillo

East Asian Growth Before and After the Crisis
Nicholas Crafts

Financial Market Contagion in the Asian Crisis
Taimur Baig and Ilan Goldfajn

Interest Spreads in Banking in Colombia, 1974-96
Adolfo Barajas, Roberto Steiner, and Natalia Salazar

Policy Responses to External Imbalances in Emerging Market Economies:
Further Empirical Results

Chorng-Huey Wong and Luis Carranza

Countries' Repayment Performance Vis-ā-Vis the IMF:
A Comment on Aylward and Thorne

Arno Bäcker

Countries' Repayment Performance Vis-ā-Vis the IMF:
A Response to Bäcker

Lynn Aylward