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Title: Doha Development Agenda and Aid for Trade

Series: Policy Papers

Date: August 9, 2006

Subject: Development assistance Trade

Title: Quotas - Updated Calculations

Series: Policy Papers

Date: August 4, 2006


Quota Data Files

NEW as of February 27, 2007, Electronic Access: Quota Update Tables A1, A2 (Excel file or Zip file)
Spreadsheet containing data for the tables A1 and A2 of the paper Quota--Updated Calculations (2006) modified to reflect the new quotas for China, Korea, Mexico, and Turkey. Data include GDP (gross domestic product), official reserves, current payments, current receipts, variability of current receipts, and variability of current receipts plus net capital flows.

Subject: Quota Calculations Quota formulas Quotas

Title: Lao People's Democratic Republic - Assessment Letter for the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank

Series: Policy Papers

Date: July 19, 2006

Notes: Assessment letters or statements may be prepared for member countries with Fund-supported programs; receiving Fund emergency assistance; with staff-monitored programs; or surveillance-only cases. They are typically produced for use by the country with multilateral or bilateral donors or creditors, in particular the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions.

Subject: Asian Development Bank Economic conditions Lao People's Democratic Republic World Bank

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