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Title: Lao People's Democratic Republic - Assessment Letter for the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank

Series: Policy Papers

Date: August 15, 2005

Notes: Assessment letters or statements may be prepared for member countries with Fund-supported programs; receiving Fund emergency assistance; with staff-monitored programs; or surveillance-only cases. They are typically produced for use by the country with multilateral or bilateral donors or creditors, in particular the World Bank and other International Financial Institutions.

Subject: Asian Development Bank Economic conditions Lao People's Democratic Republic World Bank

Title: Establishment and Operation of the Investment Account

Series: Policy Papers

Date: August 12, 2005

Subject: Fund reserves Investment

Title: Review of PRGF Program Design - Overview

Series: Policy Papers

Date: August 8, 2005

Subject: Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility

Title: The Fund's Transparency Policy - Proposed Amendments

Series: Policy Papers

Date: July 28, 2005

Notes: The Proposed Decision in this document was adopted by the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund on August 4, 2005 and is now in force.

Subject: Fund policies Lapse of time consideration Transparency

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