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Title: Limiting Central Bank Credit to the Government : Theory and Practice

Author: Cottarelli, Carlo

Series: Occasional Paper No. 110

Date: September 15, 1993

Title: China at the Threshold of a Market Economy

Author: Bell, W. Michael ; Kochhar, Kalpana ; Khor, Hoe

Series: Occasional Paper No. 107

Date: June 16, 1993

Title: The Structure and Operation of the World Gold Market

Author: O'Callaghan, G M.

Series: Occasional Paper No. 105

Date: March 15, 1993

Title: Liberalization of the Capital Account : Experiences and Issues

Author: Rojas-Suárez, Liliana ; Mathieson, J Donald

Series: Occasional Paper No. 103

Date: March 15, 1993

Title: Financial Sector Reforms and Exchange Arrangements in Eastern Europe

Author: Calvo, Guillermo ; Eduardo Borensztein ; Masson, R Paul ; Kumar, S. Manmohan

Series: Occasional Paper No. 102

Date: February 15, 1993

Notes: Part I. Financial Markets and Intermediation, by Guillermo A Calvo and Manmohan S Kumar; Part II. Exchange Arrangements of Previously Centrally Planned Economies, by Eduardo Borensztein and Paul R Masson.

Title: Spain : Converging with the European Community

Author: Gonzalo C Pastor ; Pujol, Thierry ; Galy, Michel

Series: Occasional Paper No. 101

Date: January 15, 1993