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Swagel, L Phillip:




Title: Sources of Inflation in Developing Countries

Author: Loungani, Prakash ; Swagel, L Phillip

Series: Working Paper No. 01/198

Date: December 1, 2001

Subject: Developing countries Exchange rate regimes Inflation


Title: Unionization and Strategic Trade Policy

Author: Swagel, L Phillip ; Tan, H Ling

Series: Working Paper No. 00/53

Date: March 1, 2000

Subject: Labor policy Trade policy Wages


Title: $name

Author: Fabio Scacciavillani ; Phillip L Swagel

Series: Working Papers

Date: January 1, 0001

Subject: Israel


Title: Does Globalization Lower Wages and Export Jobs?

Author: Slaughter, J. Matthew ; Swagel, L Phillip

Series: Economic Issues No. 11

Date: September 29, 1997

Title: The Effect of Globalization on Wages in the Advanced Economies

Author: Swagel, L Phillip ; Slaughter, J. Matthew

Series: Working Paper No. 97/43

Date: April 1, 1997

Subject: Wages


Title: Union Behavior, Industry Rents, and Optimal Policies

Author: Swagel, L Phillip

Series: Working Paper No. 96/143

Date: December 1, 1996

Subject: United States