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Binyamin Appelbaum: Distribution Matters

December 22, 2020

High levels of inequality lead to less economic growth. (iStock by Getty Images/Niko_Cingaryuk)

Since the Industrial Revolution began more than 250 years ago- the world has produced enough wealth for every one of its 8 billion people to live comfortably. Yet, over 40 percent live in poverty, with most of the wealth being held by an increasingly narrow slice of the population. Binyamin Appelbaum says rising inequality is weighing on growth and straining the fabric of liberal democracy. And he squarely places the blame on distribution. In this podcast, Appelbaum says while there has been a surge of interest among economists to study the inequities of distribution, some still question the importance of it.  Transcript

Appelbaum's article Distribution Matters is published in the December 2020 issue of Finance and Development Magazine.


Binyamin Appelbaum is the lead writer on business and economics for the editorial page of the New York Times.