Last updated: April 2006
Volume 53, Number 1
IMF Staff Papers


Russia and the WTO: The "Gravity" of Outsider Status
Bogdan Lissovolik and Yaroslav Lissovolik

Rent Seeking
Shankha Chakraborty and Era Dabla-Norris

Exchange Rate Regimes, Location, and Specialization
Luca Antonio Ricci

Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area
Hamid Faruqee

Parity Reversion in Real Exchange Rates: Fast, Slow, or Not at All?
Paul Cashin and C. John McDermott

New Estimates of Government Net Capital Stocks for 22 OECD Countries, 1960–2001
Christophe Kamps

The IMF and Russia in the 1990s
John Odling-Smee