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IMF Staff Papers Logo    Last updated: May 2002
Volume 48, Special Issue
Transition Economies: How Much Progress?

Table of Contents

Ten Years of Transition: Looking Back and Looking Forward
Stanley Fischer

The Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: The Experience of Two Resident Representatives
Mark Allen and Rick Haas

Ten Years After . . . Transition and Economics
Gérard Roland

Recovery and Growth in Transition: A Decade of Evidence
Oleh Havrylyshyn

Escaping the Under-Reform Trap
Anders Åslund, Peter Boone, and Simon Johnson

What Moves Capital to Transition Economies?
Pietro Garibaldi, Nada Mora, Ratna Sahay, and Jeromin Zettelmeyer

The Gains from Privatization in Transition Economies: Is "Change of Ownership" Enough?
Clifford Zinnes, Yair Eilat, and Jeffrey Sachs

Federalism With and Without Political Centralization: China Versus Russia
Olivier Blanchard and Andrei Shleifer

Falling Tax Compliance and the Rise of the Virtual Budget in Russia
Brian Aitken