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IMF Staff Papers Logo    Volume 48, Number 3, 2001
Last updated: January 2002
Table of Contents

Northwest of Suez: The 1956 Crisis and the IMF
James Boughton

Redistribution Through Public Employment: The Case of Italy
Alberto Alesina, Stephan Danninger, and Massimo Rostagno

How Does U.S. Monetary Policy Influence Sovereign Spreads in Emerging Markets?
Vivek Arora and Martin Cerisola

Modeling the IMF's Statistical Discrepancy in the Global Current Account
Jaime Marquez and Lisa Workman

Reform and Growth in Latin America: All Pain, No Gain?
Eduardo Fernández-Arias and Peter Montiel

Risk, Resources, and Education: Public Versus Private Financing of Higher Education
Berthold U. Wigger and Robert K. von Weizsäcker

Social Fractionalization, Political Instability, and the Size of the Government
Anthony Annett

Deposit-Refund on Labor: A Solution to Equilibrium Unemployment?
Ben J. Heijdra and Jenny E. Ligthart