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IMF Staff Papers Logo    Last updated: December 2001
Volume 48, Number 2
Table of Contents

Product Variety and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence for the OECD Countries
Michael Funke and Ralf Ruhwedel

Inflation, Money Demand, and Purchasing Power Parity in South Africa
Gunnar Jonsson

Exchange Rate Movements and Tradable Goods Prices in East Asia: An Analysis Based on Japanese Customs Data, 1988–1999
Shinji Takagi and Yushi Yoshida

Military Spending, the Peace Dividend, and Fiscal Adjustment
Davoodi, Benedict Clements, Jerald Schiff, and Peter Debaere

Inflation Targeting in Korea: An Empirical Exploration
Alexander W. Hoffmaister

Can Currency Demand Be Stable Under a Financial Crisis? The Case of Mexico
May Khamis and Alfredo M. Leone

Sectoral Macroeconomic Interdependence: Evidence for Latin America, East Asia, and Europe
Norman Loayza, Humberto Lopez, and Angel Ubide

The Complier Pays Principle: The Limits of Fiscal Approaches Toward Sustainable Forest Management
Luc Leruth, Remi Paris, and Ivan Ruzicka