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IMF Staff Papers Logo    Last updated: December 2001
Volume 48, Number 1
Table of Contents

Threshold Effects in the Relationship Between Inflation and Growth
Mohsin S. Khan and Abdelhak S. Senhadji

A Peek Inside the Black Box: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Japan
James Morsink and Tamim Bayoumi

Recapitalizing Banks with Public Funds
Charles Enoch, Gillian Garcia, and V. Sundararajan

Exchange-Rate-Based Stabilization: A Critical Look at the Stylized Facts
A. Javier Hamann

Income Inequality: Does Inflation Matter?
Ales Bulír

Welfare Effects of Uzbekistan’s Foreign Exchange Regime
Christoph B. Rosenberg and Maarten de Zeeuw

Crash-Free Sequencing Strategies for Financial Development and Liberalization
Jorge A. Chan-Lau and Zhaohui Chen

Dynamic Gains from Trade: Evidence from South Africa
Gunnar Jonsson and Arvind Subramanian